NPS Insights

A summary of the latest news, testamonials and movements in NPS technology.

August 2017: Fishing vessel NG-10 Aqua Fauna reduced their fuel consumption by 11%. NOX reduction of 42.1% and CO reduction by 62.3%. A great contribution to the environment within coastal fisheries. We, and the next generation of us are grateful! Read more here.

June 2017: Test report of MS YORK RIDER & RANGER. Includes reference information of the Managing Director and Owner. Fuel reduction on generator down with >9.0 %, NOx and CO2 down > 30%. Read PDF here.

January 2017: Jebsen Shipping Management partners Gmbh and Bernd Becker Ship Management GmbH in Hamburg, tested NPS Engine Improvement on MV JORK RULER. One of the auxilary engines (465 kW generator) was treated with NPS and fuel consumption immediately went down with 9.2 %, NOx and CO2 down > 30%. Read full report here.

November 2016: New EURO 6 diesel trucks tested by transport company in the Netherlands. C02 emission down >40%, fuel consumption down >9% before gear and differential is treated.

October 2016: New Caterpillars reduce NOX with >30%. The CEO of Nano Protect Service in Germany has been testing the NPS Engine Improvement® for Caterpillar in the US, and the result is a reduction in NOX with more than 30% on all new machines.

September 2016: New Mercedes Vito reduce fuel by 20%. Tested by customer SARENS NV in Belgium for their service vans, and after using nano protection, the result was 20% fuel savings.

August 2016: Iranian bus company reduce NOx levels with 40 to 95%.  Government approved NPS Engine Improvement for roll-out. Read the test report in PDF.

July 2016: SECO/WARWICK GmbH in Germany reduce fuel consumption with 14% on a EURO 6 DIESEL. Tested a new Toyota Avensis Combi 2016 (Euro 6 Diesel) for their fleet of service cars, and after using NPS Engine Improvement┬« the result was 14% fuel savings.  Around 30% down on NOX and Co2.  Read the test report in PDF.


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