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Nanotech products and services to extend engine life & reduce operational costs

The initial idea of the project “Engine Enhancement with NANO particles” was born in 2009, as a result of several tests and developments by German and Dutch engineering teams. In fact initial tests of the service started already in 2007 on the vessel MS Lehmann Trader.


Arno Winkels, the current CEO of NPS in Germany, was invited by a team of german researchers to take over the marketing of this product line in 2011. Our current product line NPS Engine Improvement was launched in 2016. Herr Winkels was an laboratory developement Engineer for automative additives already in the 1980's, and has a lifetime of contacts and experience in this field.


Herr Winkels partner, Mr Günther Rossen is Head of Sales in Central Europe, and Mr Wim de Witte is Technical Director for NPS group.


Nano Protect Service - Scandinavia & Nordics, was founded by Mr Magne Remøy in 2016. As an engineer with 20 years of experience in maritime, oil & gas projects, he is in charge of technical sales and customer service in the Nordic region, as well as shipping worldwide.


Nano Protect Service in Asia, is managed by Dr. Steffen Ott, who has been working closely with Mr Arno Winkels since 2009.


NPS is currently represented in following countries, either with a branch office or through market representatives:


Germany • Austria • Netherlands • France • Switzerland • UAE • Hong Kong • Thailand • Iran • Norway

Mr Arno Winkels

CEO, Central Europe

Mr Magne Remøy

Sales Nordic region

Mr Günther Rossen

Sales, Central Europe

Dr. Steffen Ott

Asia and Middle East

Mr Wim de Witte

Technical Director NPS



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