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Engines on ships, very large machines & aggregates, diesel trains, other. Our trained engineer is required to feed a main engine of 5000 litre of oil with a 5 litre concentrate.

JODU Seafishing G.m.b.H

Fishing vessel NG-10 Aqua Fauna treated their main engine with NPS Engine Improvement in the end of May 2017, and has reduced their fuel consumption by 11% measured in June 2017. NOX reduction of 42.1% and CO reduction by 62.3%. A great contribution to the environment within coastal fisheries. We, and next generation of us are grateful! Read the full report here.

Becker Ship Management and Jebsen partners

MS YORK RULER, MS YORK RIDER & MS YORK RANGER has now finalized treatment of all auxilary engines (generators) from January 2017 to June 2017 with NPS Engine Improvement.

The fuel consumption went down with >9%, NOx and CO2 down > 30%.

Read PDF here.

Customer experience LEHMANN fleet

Technical comment from the superintendent:

"With the utilization of NPS Engine Improvement at  the  main  engine,  the  auxiliary  engine,  the  gear,  the  driveshaft, the reparation  intervals  were  reduced. NPS  Engine  Improvement counters  the  oil  aging  process,  improve  the  BN  value,  reduces   the   fresh   oil   supply with 33% and   shows   a   system-compatible   cleaning   during   the operation. It leads to less material and energy abrasion  which  causes  an improving operating performance and a more efficient output of the engines.”   

Comment from the owner:

“By using the NPS Engine Improvement technologies there were high cost savings. E.g. decrease of lubricants consumption by 10 %, reduce of fuel consumption by 18 %  at  the  main  engines  and  by  20  %  at  the  auxiliary  engines.  However, these  numbers  cannot  be  seen  alone  from  the  technical  side.   Due to this we have come to the decision to use the NPS Engine Improvement for all of our crafts of my shipping company".

Download the full report here.

Customer experience SAMSKIP fleet

MS SAMSKIP CARRIER started a test on February 24, 2016. On March 16, 2016, the consumption is measured again, the result of this measurement is an average fuel saving of 18% on full load after the main engine(s), auxiliary engine(s) and the gearbox was be treated with NPS Engine Improvement®. 

Before and after the treatment we took pictures of some components:

Engine must be at normal operating temperature. Oil and oil filter change is performed after  4 hours running in idle mode   (the pollution of the motor is definitely present in the drained oil and old oil filter.). After an average of 150 operating hours, the Nano particles will be veenly distributed onthe metal walls.

The durability of the NPS Engine Improvement® protective layer is 12,000 to 15,000 operating hours. After this time, the engine needs a small refresh treatment. Read more.

A FESCO ice breaker tested early version of NPS for over 10 years

MS Admiral Makarov test on Wartsila 824 engine, using NPS Engine Improvement (early version called SAIS), with the following test result done by the customer:

- Fuel consumption reduction > 10% (early product)

- Oil consumption reduced > 40%

- Working life of oil from 3000 to > 18000 hours

- Decreased friction

- Increased power output

- Reduced noise and vibration

- Protected from pitting, wear and tear

- Extended engine life

- Reduced harmful emissions

- Improved Return On Investment


Read more in PDF test document.


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