NPS Engine Improvement documents

Case studies, declarations and test reports that we are obliged to share.

Test report of MS YORK RULER

Test on one of the auxilary engines (465 kW generator) in January 2017 with NPS Engine Improvement, and the fuel consumption went down with 9.2 %, NOx and CO2 down > 30%. Download PDF.


Full test report of MS Lehmann Trader. The vessel Decrease of lubricants consumption by 10 %, reduce of fuel consumption by 18 % at the main engine, and by 20 % at the auxiliary engines. Download PDF.


Test report of MV Samskip Courier. In both the main engine(s) and the auxiliary engine(s) at full load the average fuel reduction was 18%. Download PDF.


Test report of MS Admiral Makarov

A Wartsila 824 engine, using NPS Engine Improvement (early version called SAIS). Fuel consumption dropped > 10% (early product), Oil consumption reduced > 40%, Working life of oil from 3000 to > 18000 hours. Download PDF.


Test report from TÜV in Germany. Download PDF.


Declaration of Confirmity by TÜV in Germany. Download PDF.


Test report from St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. Department of Internal combustion engines. Download PDF.


Product sheet on NPS Engine Improvement. Download PDF.


Product presentation in English. Download PPT.




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