Company Cars

Company cars

Taxi's, fleet of service cars and vans. Do it yourself, the nano powder will easily move from the oil onto the metal in small engines. Instructions provided. Buy it here.

Customer test NPS in new car

Toyota Avensis Combi 2016 model (Euro 6 Diesel). Tested by customer SECO/WARWICK GmbH for their service cars, and after  using NPS Engine Improvement┬« the result was 14% fuel savings.

Test started on 18-08-2016 at a mileage of 9100km. Test period ended on 13-10-2016 at Mileage of 19.989km.

Company test NPS in van

Mercedes Vito. Tested by customer SARENS NV in Belgium for their service vans, and after  using nano protection, the result was 20% fuel savings.

A large company like SARENS NV would save millions of Euros yearly by deploying Nano Protect Services on all their heavy lift equpment, vessels, cranes, truck and vans.

Also, if each of the service cars in SECO/WARWICK's fleet drive 15 000 km per year, this is a saving per car of EURO 1 500.

With a fleet of 100 cars world-wide a  company like this earn much more than EURO 100 000 yearly bottom line, after cost of NPS is taken.


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