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Emission test of Scania 3112

Bus company in Iran tested the emission together with  authorities in the Middle East. Measurement was done after the busses had driven for approxomately 300 km each.

After 2000 km of driving with NPS Engine Improvement in the main engine, the fuel savings was measured to minimum 9.4% or above.

Conclusion: The ministry of transportation has given green light to roll out this product. The NOx levels up to 94% will have a visible impact on the air pollution, especially in the large cities.

Bus 1

Bus 2

Bus 3

Bus 4


- Decrease friction.

  - Reduce fuel consumption.

- Increase power output.

- Reduce noise and vibration.

- Protect from pitting, wear and tear.

- Extend engine life.

  - Reduce harmful emissions.

- Improve Return On Investment

My machines are diesel electric and gas-turbines, does it work?

Yes it works, AND it doesnt matter what fuel you use. You would like to extend the mileage or operating hours of Your machines by decreasing the friction. Our tests so far show a 4% increase even in fully electric car. EURO 6 standard is supposed to have lowest emissions, however we managed to reduce this beyond imagination. Read more!


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