Are you in shipping, transport or industrial operations?

Looking to cut back on fuel costs and reduce harmful emissions?

Well. We might have a solution that does both! Our customers experience immediate cost savings of 10 % or more while at the same time improving their environmental compliance.  How is that possible?

The short answer is less friction. We provide your engines with a thin film of tried and tested third generation nanoparticles. We think of them as liquid ball bearings.

They have magnetic properties and attach themselves to the walls of the combustion chamber. When installed in an engine the technology reduces friction, improves efficiency and extends the assets service life.

We already made the right concentrates for your engine, and in your type of oil, so just pour it in and enjoy the benefits.

Guarantees; >10% fuel saving, >30% lower emissions, plus wear & tear protection.

Want to know the details? Click here. The amount of money you can save and the impact you can make on your environment depends on the age and the efficiency of the engines in your fleet.


- Decrease friction with 94%

  - Reduce fuel consumption >10%

- Increase power output >10%

- Reduce noise and vibration

- Protect from pitting, wear and tear.

- Extend engine life, close to 100%

  - Reduce harmful emissions >30%

- Improve Return On Investment

Any reason not to try this ... Look at our references here.


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